the apathecary

Patients Reviews

Great initial meeting. Looking forward to see where things go. Thank you!

DANNY L. | Jul 05, 2023
Very throughout and knowledgeable.

AMANDA L. | Jun 29, 2023
Dr. Anthony is very professional and knowledgeable about medical conditions, symptoms, and natural supplements.

EDWARD G. | Jun 25, 2023
Dr. A listened to what I had to say about my health issues and my reasons for choosing to explore different treatments.

KATHY T. | Jan 20, 2023
Dr Apa was a wonderful help as I went through two major surgeries in one year - a double knee replacement and later a major foot surgery. Dr Apa was a wonderful resource for helpful treatments for preparing for surgery and my post-op recovery. I used the Rife Machine for both surgeries and I am convinced my recovery was so complete and so quick due to this treatment alone. I highly recommend Dr Apa for his wealth of knowledge, his kind bedside manner, and the various treatments he has available to offer.

Wesley W. | Jan 11, 2023
Loved that Dr Apa reviewed all medical history and openly talked about a plan to get started with blood work and salvia testing. Looking forward to reviewing the results and putting together a plan to resolve current medical issues on the road to a healthier me.

LISA D. | Nov 06, 2022