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Meet Anthony Apa, PharmD, CFMP


Anthony Apa, PharmD, CFMP, Clinical Homeopath

Anthony Apa, PharmD, CFMP, is a functional and alternative medicine specialist at The Apathecary Natural Health Center, a telehealth practice in Clarksville, Tennessee, providing homeopathy and natural approaches to health issues virtually and in the office. 

Using personal experience, Dr. Apa offers an in-depth look at medical conditions, taking into account the underlying causes, lifestyle factors, and stressors that might contribute to your well-being. He is a certified functional medicine practitioner (CFMP) through Functional Medicine University since 2021. In addition, Dr. Apa is an herbalist who believes in the power of natural remedies to restore wellness. 

Dr. Apa received his bachelor’s degree in general sciences from Middle Tennessee State University in 2005. After completing his education there, he went on to complete his doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2009. 

As a certified clinical homeopath from Boiron®, Dr. Apa is truly dedicated to finding out the root cause of your illness and delivering treatments that align with your health goals. He provides holistic care that can help you on your health journey physically, mentally, and spiritually.