Top Three Herbs Pharmacist Turned Functional Doctor Uses for Himself & Family

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Top Three Herbs Pharmacist Turned Functional Doctor Uses for Himself & Family

three herbs for health

Daily Herbs

Three herbs that I (a pharmacist) take daily and the benefits they provide

Herb Dosing & Forms

Different dosage forms that various herbs can be utilized

Herbs as Medicine

Why herbs are great for medicine

About Dr. Anthony Apa

Dr. Anthony Apa is an ambitious and committed healthcare provider whose desire has always been to help people with their health.

Throughout his career – including serving as an active duty pharmacist in the US Army – he has continued to grow by allowing his mindset towards healthcare to evolve, leading him to discover different and more effective ways to approach healing the body.

Dr. Apa first implemented these methods by applying them in his own home. Using several different integrative and natural therapies, he helped his own family overcome many difficult and complex diagnoses.

Dr. Apa now uses his extensive education and experience to guide others on their journey towards true and lasting healing.

Dr. Apa has a wealth of knowledge that makes him uniquely qualified to help people with their health issues. His background as a pharmacist gives him unique insight into acute health issues and chronic health issues. And helping people move towarda a healthy, medication free life!

Rebecca M.

I wish more people, especially families, knew about docs like Dr. Anthony. Knowledgeable in so many ways, friendly, and genuinely cares about his patients and individualized care. Such caring focused attention. Highly recommended!

Jordan M.

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Why herbs work as medicine

three herbs for health
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