Meet The Apas

Meet The Team

Anthony and Sarah's journey to health has been filled with many trials, but also many triumphs. The health wisdom and knowledge they share with others, they have learned through personal experience and have witnessed first hand what the power of natural health and healing can do and just how much it can change a life.

The Doctor

Anthony is a native of Tennessee, married to his wife Sarah for 17 years. They have 4 children Natalie, Olivia, Oliver, and Elliot. In his free time, Anthony enjoys reading scripture, spending time with family and friends, playing basketball, or engaging in any competitive activity. He loves working and being outdoors and is a lifelong student of natural ways to heal.

Dr. Anthony Apa

Sarah Apa

The Manager

Sarah is Anthony’s wife. She homeschools their children and manages the office. Sarah enjoys studying the scriptures, dabbles in a little bit of everything creatively. She enjoys cooking and building her family’s homestead. She especially enjoys learning new ways to heal and live as naturally as possible.

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